How to Plan for Your Interview

In this new and interesting economy we live in, more and more employers are requesting online interviewers before bringing applicants in for in-person interviews. Of course, the rise in popularity of remote workplaces and freelance positions for dietitians has also increased the popularity of online job interviews.

If you’ve been asked to meet with a potential employer in a virtual setting, there are a few rules to keep in mind that will help you make a good first impression during the job interview.

Dress Like You’re Going Someplace

It is important to resist the temptation to dress down simply because you aren’t meeting with a hiring manager in person. Plan to put on the same exact outfit for your online meeting that you would use if you were walking into somebody’s office.

Get Rid of Background Noise at Home

Part of appearing professional is connecting from a professional setting. You cannot conduct a job interview with background noise and chaos going on around you. If you will be participating in the interview from your home, it is important to prepare your home ahead of time. Make sure your windows are closed so lawnmowers, leaf blowers and car horns from your neighbors don’t distract you during your interview.

If you have children in your home, arrange for childcare during your interview so they don’t distract you. Even something like a barking dog can take you out of the moment and cause you to appear unprepared.

Avoid Public Settings

If your home is chaotic, you may be tempted to head to a coffee shop while participating in an online interview. This can be a big mistake. Factors like background music, chatty customers and the voices of employees can cause unending interruptions to your interview. The hiring manager on the other end of your screen may become frustrated by the loud, chaotic atmosphere you’re in. In addition, he or she may spend more time paying attention to your background than to listening to what you’re saying.

Do your Research

Hiring managers are always impressed when an applicant has researched the company they’re applying to. You can make a great impression by printing out annual reports and any other relevant information you can find on the company you want to work with. Referencing this information throughout the course of your interview will give you the chance to demonstrate that you are proactive and engaged.

Anticipate Questions

Hiring managers tend to ask the same types of questions over and over. It is important to have some answers to popular questions chambered in your mind or on paper. If you are putting together a list of things to help you prepare for your upcoming interview, head here to ensure that you are fully armed with the latest information for success.